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Talent shortages top business challenge

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Fosway’s HR Realities report 2022 has the shortage of talent as the number one business concern, ahead of performance and profitability, business agility and customer satisfaction; Interview with David Perring.

David Perring discusses Fosway’s HR Realities Research 2022
David Perring discusses Fosway’s HR Realities Research 2022 

Talent shortages are now the most significant business challenge, companies are struggling to recruit the people they need and with job roles changing so quickly there is even more pressure on reskilling existing employees.

Each year Fosway produces its HR Realities research and the 2022 report is out. It shows what HR is doing to meet this talent shortage, and how its priorities are changing.

Fosway's director of research, David Perring, joins Learning News to talk it through.

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