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Learning sector optimistic for 2014, says survey

Stoke Prior, United KingdomLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

Blue Eskimo’s recent survey of work and pay in the learning sector highlighted an increased optimism for business in 2014.

Blue Eskimo salary and work survey
Blue Eskimo salary and work survey 

Blue Eskimo’s annual Work and Salary Survey is the most comprehensive of its kind within the UK’s learning industry. Each year, around 700 people answer over 30 detailed questions about work, pay, benefits and more.

This year’s survey showed a very clear change in attitude towards trading conditions, with a marked jump of those feeling that trading will be “a bit easier” from 7.98% last year to 29.43% this year.

“That’s quite a shift in attitude,” says Blue Eskimo director Nick Bate. “In fact, it’s the most positive shift regarding trading conditions from when we first asked that question.”

That isn’t the only sign of increased optimism. Those who feel that trading will be “a bit tougher” dropped this year from 40.56% to 23.72%, while those who think things will be “a lot tougher” dropped from 14.33% to 7.51%.

“According to the survey,” say Bate, “most people feel that tough times are here for at least another two years, which I think is cautious, but probably realistic. But there’s a definite belief that the tide is turning and things are going to be easier.”

Blue Eskimo believes that when the sector picks up, it could be at risk from losing talent as people change jobs to secure higher salaries and more benefits. “Salaries haven’t risen for most people for over five years,” says Bate, “and benefits have dropped. Our survey also shows that while around 70% of people are happy working in the sector, almost as many – 63% – are looking to change jobs in 2014, citing a better role, more money and better career prospects as the key reasons. Imagine a company losing half its workforce as the economy turns – it could be crippling.”

The full, detailed results of the survey can be downloaded free of charge, from Blue Eskimo’s website.

Printed copies of the key findings of the survey will be distributed free, at Learning Technologies exhibition and conference on 29–30 January, at Olympia 2 in London. Anyone wishing to discuss the survey can meet with the team from Blue Eskimo on stand 17.