Founded in 2003, Blue Eskimo was the first consultancy to specialise in providing recruitment solutions to the learning and development, e-learning and training sectors.

Our success has been based on our unique industry experience: unlike other recruitment companies which position themselves as 'specialists', everyone within Blue Eskimo has worked directly within the learning and technology sectors - in fact, we have a combined in-industry experience of well over thirty years.

We work with most leading training, IT training, e-learning companies and corporate training departments - helping to find exactly the right people for their specialist roles.

We offer a selection process which is second-to-none. We don't bombard our clients with dozens of unsuitable, unscreened candidates - we interview all candidates and use our industry experience to screen them, providing clients with only those who are most suitable for the advertised role. This saves them time, money and ensures that candidates are a strong fit.

We help recruit and select:

  • trainers
  • field sales people
  • telesales people
  • sales managers
  • account managers
  • business development managers
  • sales directors
  • consultative sales people
  • e-learning developers
  • e-learning consultants
  • instructional designers
  • training managers
  • training project managers
  • learning and development managers
  • office managers
  • operations managers

We're passionate about what we do - and tireless in our attention to detail. We enjoy long-term relationships with all of our clients, but that comes from ensuring that each and every candidate is exactly right for the advertised role. -