News stories from Blue Eskimo in 2014

Blue Eskimo says that the learning sector can shape its own pay

Blue Eskimo | 13 Nov 2014

Blue Eskimo’s salary and work survey is one of the most influential ways for learning professionals to make their views known to employers and clients, says the company.

Did the learning sector’s pay improve in 2014?

Blue Eskimo | 21 Oct 2014

Over the last six years, the majority of those within the learning sector have – in real terms – been getting poorer. Will this year see that trend reversed?

Learning industry’s benchmark pay survey launched

Blue Eskimo | 08 Oct 2014

The learning industry’s leading specialist recruitment company, Blue Eskimo, has launched its seventh annual work and salary survey. Participants can win an Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablet.

Economic upturn is creating more jobs, says Blue Eskimo

Blue Eskimo | 18 Aug 2014

Learning recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo says that the improving economy is driving greater demand for learning professionals in both permanent and contract roles.

Blue Eskimo encourages new blood into the learning sector

Blue Eskimo | 28 Jan 2014

Recruitment specialist to the learning sector, Blue Eskimo, is sponsoring the award for start-up companies at The Learning Awards 2014.

Pay mostly static, contracting rates down says survey

Blue Eskimo | 27 Jan 2014

Blue Eskimo’s annual survey of work and pay shows that most people’s pay remained static in 2013 – but many contractors saw their income shrink.

Learning sector optimistic for 2014, says survey

Blue Eskimo | 20 Jan 2014

Blue Eskimo’s recent survey of work and pay in the learning sector highlighted an increased optimism for business in 2014.

Survey shows benefits cut in training sector jobs

Blue Eskimo | 16 Jan 2014

According to Blue Eskimo’s annual survey of work and pay in the learning sector, benefits saw across-board-cuts in 2013.