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Economic downturn keeps learning industry salaries static at best for most

Stoke Prior, UKLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

Blue Eskimo’s annual work and salary survey highlights the effects of the current economic situation on the majority of companies and workers in the sector.

Blue Eskimo, the learning and development jobs specialist used by over half of learning professionals, has just published its annual salary and work survey – providing a comprehensive picture of salaries and work in the learning sector.


The survey took place in December 2011, when over 800 people working in both public and private sectors in a learning and development, training or e-learning role answered questions about pay, benefits, working hours, work/life balance, job satisfaction and more.


Blue Eskimo director Nick Jones says that although the learning industry is weathering the economic downturn better than many others, its effects are clearly being felt. “Well over half of people – 60% – didn’t get a pay rise this year,” says Jones, “and most of those who did only managed to get one in line with inflation. So, in real terms, the pay packet for most of those working in learning roles is shrinking. Less than 10% of people got an above-inflation rise last year.”


Freelancers were also badly hit last year, with more people moving into the sub-£300-per-day bracket than in previous years. The upside for permanent employees was that some benefits increased. “Private medical insurance, sick pay, critical illness cover and pension contributions all saw a decent hike,” says Jones.


Tough times also saw people working harder – almost 70% of people said that they were challenged in their role and around 80% of people work more hours than for which they are paid.


The results of the training, e-learning and learning work and salary survey are available now, via Blue Eskimo’s website, free of charge. Printed copies will also be available (again, free of charge) at the Learning Technologies exhibition, on 25-26 January 2012 – on Blue Eskimo’s stand, which is stand 17.