News stories from Blue Eskimo in 2012

Blue Eskimo launches its fifth annual salary and work survey

Blue Eskimo | 09 Oct 2012

The UK’s leader in learning and development recruitment, Blue Eskimo, has just launched its annual salary and work survey.

Learning & Performance Institute accreditation helps drive standards for training and e-learning recruitment

Blue Eskimo | 12 Sep 2012

Blue Eskimo, the specialist recruitment company for training and e-learning professionals, has received accreditation from the Learning & Performance Institute for the third year running.

Find out how your skills match up to today’s job opportunities, at Learning Live

Blue Eskimo | 09 Sep 2012

Blue Eskimo, the specialist recruitment company for training and e-learning professionals, is available at Learning Live to discuss how the skills needed by learning professionals are changing.

Recruitment specialist urges more companies to exploit learning management system data when hiring

Blue Eskimo | 02 Aug 2012

L&D recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo believes that linking the organisation’s LMS with its talent management system or recruitment processes delivers real benefits.

Learning professionals need to ensure their skills are ready for challenging times

Blue Eskimo | 26 Jul 2012

Training, learning and e-learning recruitment company Blue Eskimo says that even the best learning professionals need to keep their skills sharp to stay relevant.

Companies are paying too much to fill specialist jobs

Blue Eskimo | 19 Jul 2012

Recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo says that by advertising all vacancies in the same way, it costs organisations more and takes them longer to fill the specialist roles.

HR, recruitment and training should be all part of a single strategy

Blue Eskimo | 12 Jul 2012

Specialist learning recruitment company Blue Eskimo says that organisations are working ineffectively if HR, recruitment and training operate separately.

More companies need to ditch thinking about head count and focus on skills count, says recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo

Blue Eskimo | 28 Jun 2012

Learning & development recruitment company Blue Eskimo says that companies waste time and money focusing on empty chairs rather than the skills which they need.

Demand leaps for mobile learning skills

Blue Eskimo | 11 May 2012

2012 has seen a sharp rise in the demand for mobile learning skills according to Blue Eskimo, the learning industry’s recruitment specialist.

Economic downturn keeps learning industry salaries static at best for most

Blue Eskimo | 13 Jan 2012

Blue Eskimo’s annual work and salary survey highlights the effects of the current economic situation on the majority of companies and workers in the sector.

Ninety per cent of learning buyers have reduced their training budget says survey

Blue Eskimo | 04 Jan 2012