News stories from Omniplex Learning in 2020

Omniplex launches first ever digital learning Creative Internship programme

Omniplex Learning | 26 Oct 2020

Omniplex Group is excited to launch a creative internship programme to attract young people to the world of digital learning.

Vyond launches British assets, scenes and characters

Omniplex Learning | 03 Sep 2020

Vyond, in partnership with Omniplex, has launched a variety of British characters and scenes into its popular animation tool.

Omniplex in the City

Omniplex Learning | 22 Jun 2020

Omniplex (Group) Ltd is pleased to announce the opening of its London office. This office will help Omniplex better serve customers in the financial services industry based in the City.

85% of digital learning professionals worried about impact of Covid-19 on their organisation

Omniplex Learning | 03 Jun 2020

Omniplex, the global digital learning solutions provider, has surveyed the digital learning industry on their opinions regarding the Covid-19 crisis on the digital learning industry.

Omniplex investigates impact of Covid-19 on the digital learning industry

Omniplex Learning | 29 Apr 2020

This week, Omniplex launched a survey looking at the impact of Covid-19 on the digital learning industry.

Demofest 2020: Omniplex takes popular event on-the-road

Omniplex Learning | 26 Feb 2020

Demofest, from the Omniplex eLearning Community, provides Articulate eLearning developers a unique opportunity to network, learn and engage with both their peers and Articulate experts.

The Neuroscience of Instructional Design: Live at Learning Technologies 2020

Omniplex Learning | 08 Feb 2020

Kashish Kacheria, Instructional Designer at Cursim, will host ‘The Neuroscience of Instructional Design’ at Learning Technologies 2020. The seminar will help delegates understand the principles of neuroscientific research, and how it can be applied to learning design.

How to make eLearning the most exciting part of your organisation

Omniplex Learning | 07 Feb 2020

Cursim, Omniplex’s learning services division, will teach the Learning Technologies audience how to make eLearning the most exciting part of their organisations, in their seminar ‘Perk, Not Work: A New Era of Digital Learning’.

The Global Perspective of Digital Learning

Omniplex Learning | 06 Feb 2020

Matthew Lloyd, CEO, Omniplex (Group) Ltd, will host ‘The Global Perspective of Digital Learning’ on Wednesday 12th February at Learning Technologies. The thirty-minute seminar will explore how different global approaches can be harnessed to increase the reach and impact of your corporate learning.

Omniplex relaunches eLearning community at ‘Future of learning’ event

Omniplex Learning | 15 Jan 2020

Omniplex discusses the art of making learning ‘binge-worthy’ and upskilling employees at their upcoming event ‘The future of learning’ on 11th February 2020.