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The Neuroscience of Instructional Design: Live at Learning Technologies 2020

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Kashish Kacheria, Instructional Designer at Cursim, will host ‘The Neuroscience of Instructional Design’ at Learning Technologies 2020. The seminar will help delegates understand the principles of neuroscientific research, and how it can be applied to learning design.

Kashish Kacheria, Instructional Designer, Cursim
Kashish Kacheria, Instructional Designer, Cursim 

The key objective to any digital learning course is behavioural change. To truly facilitate this change, learning designers must consider the mechanics of memory in order to increase knowledge retention. Cursim’s seminar at Learning Technologies 2020 will explore how learning design, informed with cognitive research, will result in courses that are memorable, intuitive and impactful.

Hosted by Kashish Kacheria, who studied Cognitive Science at the University of Edinburgh, this seminar will explore key concepts and findings from neuroscientific research and how they can be applied to instructional design. In addition, Kashish will delve into the role of emotion in learning, and discuss how harnessing this can be a powerful tool to create learning that is effective and successfully initiates the desired changes in learner behaviour.

‘The Neuroscience of Instructional Design’ will not only unveil Kashish’s passion for neuroscience, but her love for learning design. Through her role as an Instructional Designer at Cursim, Omniplex’s Learning Services division, Kashish combines her enthusiasm for creative problem solving with cognitive science, to inform the UI and UX of the content she creates; ensuring the learning experience is intuitive and effective.  

‘The Neuroscience of Instructional Design’ is at 11:45am on Thursday 13th February in Theatre 9.

To learn more about Omniplex and Cursim, visit stand J40 at Learning Technologies 2020.