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    • OEB Global: discovering learning - reshaping education and training

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      Learning must be fundamentally reshaped to take account not only of increased leisure time in the future, but also a massive surge in demand for lifelong learning. Ahead of the launch of a call for proposals for OEB Global 2019, Europe’s largest conference on technology-assisted learning, experts are calling for a fundamental reassessment of priorities and a new focus on reshaping learning systems and procedures.

    • OEB GLOBAL 2017 Pre-Conference Workshops Announced

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      Fresh details of this year’s much anticipated OEB Global conference have been released with the pre-conference workshops now available to view online. The workshops will be held on December 6 ahead of the launch of Europe’s largest cross-sector conference for the global learning and technology community. OEB Global will run from December 6 - 8 in Berlin and will draw over 2300 people from close to 100 countries all under one roof to discuss the future of education.

    • Big Data Knows Why You’re Failing Biology

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      Taking their cues from sites like Amazon and Google, universities are now utilising big data to provide students with recommended courses and majors. But after recent revelations involving government snooping, how can we trust educational institutions and service providers to use large amounts of data ethically?

    • ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2011 to unleash new cultures of learning

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin, Germany |

      ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN 2011 will explore radically innovative approaches to learning in the digital age. The world's largest global e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors will be presenting the latest examples of best practice in ICT-enhanced learning from November 30th to December 2nd in Berlin.

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