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    • ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN programme now online

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe |

      2014 marks the 20th edition of ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, the largest international conference on technology supported learning and training. The conference has been at the cutting edge of technology supported learning for two decades, and this year’s event is no exception.

    • Infinite possibility, or all doom and gloom for new generation of learners?

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin, Germany |

      Can learning prosper in the Internet age? Technology is dismantling the traditional power structures of learning – such as the division between teacher and pupil, or between work and learning. But is this a truly democratic world of opportunity – or must we fear descent into anarchy?

    • E-Learning’s Future: Changing Learning to Meet Modern Demands – Call for Proposals – ONLINE EDUCA BERLN 2014

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      Modern education is evolving into a different shape. Faced with the demands of a complex world, today's learning is being delivered in a multiplicity of forms and a variety of environments. What will the shape of future learning look like? How are we changing learning to meet new demands? These and other questions will be raised at the 20th edition of ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN on December 3 – 5, 2014. Proposals for this year’s overall theme, Changing Learning, can be submitted before June 2nd, 2014: ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN is looking for the services, case studies, research, thinking, narratives and expertise that are shaping technology enhanced learning and training.

    • Online Educa Berlin 2013 Call for Proposals now open

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      International experts are warning that an avalanche is heading towards traditional education. According to Sir Michael Barber, chief education strategist of ICT specialists Pearson, "an education revolution is coming" which offers "opportunities to transform outcomes for learners everywhere".

    • OEB 2012: talking about an education revolution

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin, Germany |

      An avalanche is set to transform the traditional university model, according to Sir Michael Barber, Pearson’s Chief Education Adviser. Speaking before an audience of over 2000 participants from about 100 countries at ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN, Barber explained that factors such as the globalisation of education, the changing economy, and now ubiquitous nature of content are changing the face of education, and a revolution is inevitable.

    • Down with degrees and diplomas!

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin, Germany |

      Recent developments in course provision and technology, alongside increasing youth unemployment, are challenging the current system of diplomas and degrees. Some argue that the current system is no longer fit for purpose: it is failing students, undermining good teachers and letting down employers. But what are the alternatives? Don't we need a tried and tested assessment system to underpin our education system and provide a benchmark for students? The stage is set for a major battle between educational traditionalists and radical modernisers as this year's ONLINE EDUCA debate discusses the motion that "a ban on diplomas and degrees awarded by schools and universities would have a positive impact on competence development and lifelong learning".

    • The Secret to Succeeding in a VUCA World

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      The advent of the economic crisis coupled with innovative technological developments are forcing businesses to navigate their way through uncertain territory. Technology has enabled us to connect, to create new models for business, and to exchange knowledge instantly, but it has also created new challenges: we are increasingly vulnerable to sudden incidents outside of our direct control. How can businesses deliver competitive advantage in a VUCA world – one which is characterised by Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity? What strategy should businesses employ to ensure the effectiveness of their workplace learning strategy? And could the field of behavioural science hold the key?

    • OEB Programme Premieres VIDEO EDUCA

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Berlin |

      The challenge of “video as the new language of learning” will be tackled head-on at this year’s ONLINE EDUCA BERLIN (OEB), the largest global e-learning conference for the corporate, education and public service sectors, which takes place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Berlin from 28th to 30th November.

    • Managing in the Next Society

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe | Vienna, Austria |

      The Austrian Peter Drucker Society holds its second global Peter Drucker Management Forum in Vienna from November 18th - 19th. World class speakers address a range of highly topical subjects at this year's congress.

    • Kids have fun learning foreign languages

      OEB Learning Technologies Europe |

      Why should my child learn foreign languages? What is the best age to start? How can I make it a fun experience for the whole family? Find the answers to these questions (and much more) at the new European Commission website

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