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OEB 2023: Charting the Future of Learning in the Digital Age

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OEB Learning Technologies Europe GmbH proudly presents OEB 2023, a pivotal event that continues its legacy as the annual nexus for leading educationalists and technologists worldwide. For over a quarter of a century, OEB has played a pivotal role in shaping opinions, fostering agency, and influencing the global educational agenda.

OEB, the leading global, cross-sector conference and exhibition on digital learning and training, is once again set to lead the way in exploring the dynamic intersection of technology and education. Since its inception in 1995, OEB has consistently delivered invaluable insights that have guided the evolution of learning technology and pointed toward the future of education.

This year's theme, "The Learning Futures We Choose," is especially relevant as it confronts a critical question at the heart of our digital age: Will our ongoing digital evolution enhance human potential or overshadow it? OEB 2023 assembles luminaries and experts from various fields to tackle this pressing issue.

The conference will commence with an engaging opening plenary featuring the distinguished experts Luciano Floridi, the Italian and British Philosopher and one of the leading thinkers in the emerging disciplines of the philosophy of information, the philosophy of technology, information ethics, digital ethics, and the ethics of AI, Helen Lee Bouygues, Founder & President, Reboot Foundation and Eric Sheninger, Associate Partner, Center for Model Schools. 

This plenary promises to provide attendees with profound insights into the ongoing technological transformation and its implications for the future of education, workforce, and skills.

Eric Sheninger will advocate for a pedagogical approach centered around 'Disruptive Thinking,' encouraging educators to empower resilient learners who can effectively navigate the challenges of an ever-changing digital landscape. Helen Lee Bouygues will shed light on the importance of 'Critical Thinking in the Data Revolution,' emphasising the need to discern truth in a world inundated with data. Finally, Prof. Luciano Floridi will explore the concept of 'Living in the Infosphere,' unraveling the profound implications of our hyper-connected reality on education, ethics, and human equity.

At OEB 2023, participants actively engage in pivotal discussions exploring how technology can enhance human agency, promote integrity, and fortify connections, ultimately shaping the trajectory of society's digital future.