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Video learning inspires next generation leaders

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Clear Lessons has formed a partnership with Engage in Learning, to provide new and existing leaders with a wide range of multimedia resources to inspire them.

Martin Baker, the founder and CEO of Clear Lessons and the Clear Lessons Foundation
Martin Baker, the founder and CEO of Clear Lessons and the Clear Lessons Foundation 

Clear Lessons – a unique video learning library & platform – has teamed up with Engage in Learning to bring its inspirational videos to an even wider audience. Engage in Learning will now be offering Clear Lessons videos as part of its extensive portfolio of online courses and resources.

Recent new releases in the Clear Lessons video library feature lessons with successful leaders from a wide range of organisations, including Barclays, Innocent, L’Oreal, Visa Europe and NASA. The short videos are perfect for watching on mobile devices as part of a blended, multimedia approach to learning and development.

Proceeds from Clear Lessons support the Clear Lessons Foundation, enabling the Foundation to offer a free video learning library to the UK’s charities, staff and volunteers.

Chris Horseman, CEO at Engage in Learning explained the appeal of video learning: “The appetite for video is massive – learners simply love video, and it’s a great way to share expertise. These bite sized videos from Clear Lessons are a great addition to our portfolio, so I’m thrilled that they now form part of our offering. It’s also really satisfying to support the great work of the Clear Lessons Foundation.”

Martin Baker, CEO & founder of Clear Lessons, and a well-known advocate for using video to learn at work as we learn at home, said: “At every L&D conference I go to there’s a futurologist, crystal ball gazing into the future of learning. It’s fascinating stuff. But video and mobile learning are no longer the future – they’re very much the here and now. And if you’re not using them to engage your workforce, you’re really missing a trick. So I’m delighted to be working with Chris and the Engage in Learning team, to put video learning directly into more leaders’ and managers’ hands.”

About Engage in Learning

Engage in Learning is a UK-based supplier of eLearning courses and solutions focusing on helping organisations improve their safety, compliance and performance. Engage in Learning provides engaging and affordable learning that’s practical and effective in an organisational setting.

In this Clear Lessons video, John O'Brien MBE says there is always more to learn. Mr O'Brien now works with Omnicom & the One Hundred Agency