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    • Clear Lessons videos mapped to leadership competencies

      Clear Lessons | London, UK |

      Extensive research by the Institute of Leadership & Management has revealed the key skills needed for great leadership. Content in the Clear Lessons video library has been mapped to these leadership dimensions, to support development in these critical areas.

    • Be less David Brent: Video learning for leadership success

      Clear Lessons | UK |

      What’s the secret to successful leadership? After extensive research, The Institute of Leadership and Management has identified five key Dimensions. Speaking at Learning Technologies, Martin Baker will explain how video learning can encourage leaders to develop in these crucial areas and be less David Brent!

    • Video learning inspires next generation leaders

      Clear Lessons | London, UK |

      Clear Lessons has formed a partnership with Engage in Learning, to provide new and existing leaders with a wide range of multimedia resources to inspire them.

    • The 'espresso shot' leadership learning challenge at #LTSF18

      Clear Lessons | London, UK |

      What can you learn in just three minutes? Quite a lot about leadership, says Martin Baker, the CEO of Clear Lessons. He’ll be showcasing Clear Lesson’s leadership videos at the Learning Technologies Summer Forum and is challenging delegates to see what they can learn in the time it takes to grab a tea or coffee.

    • Inspiring new leadership videos showcased at Learning Technologies

      Clear Lessons | London, UK |

      Leaders from a wide range of organisations - including BT, Barclays and The Craft Heinz Company - share their business secrets in new releases to the Clear Lessons video library, designed to inspire the next generation of leaders and managers.

    • A new online video library to help knowledge ‘stick’

      Clear Lessons | London |

      Clear Lessons, a brand new video library and platform, is launching at Learning Technologies 2017. Drawing on research into the effectiveness of using video, Clear Lessons’ unique approach will ensure that knowledge ‘sticks’.

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