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L&D jobs market barometer Q3: Fair/Moderate

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15% decrease in new L&D job vacancies; more cautious approach to hiring decisions.


L&D recruiter, Blue Eskimo, has published its quartley barometer based on the increase and decrease in job vacancies, job applications and other insights. It offers a ‘health check’ on the L&D industry as a whole. 

“When taken in the context of the full years of 2021 and 2022, it is no surprise that supply of new Learning and Development roles has slowed, and this is reflected in our Q3 representative data,” explains Nick Bate, Director, Blue Eskimo.

New job vacancies are down 15% in Q3 compared to Q2. Summer months are traditionally quieter periods for talent acquisition and although 2021 and 2022 reversed this trend the summer months of 2023 have been comparatively more muted.

The wider macro-economic conditions continue to effect project investment, resulting in the stalling of hiring decisions and occasional postponements. Learning and Development and related positions are often linked to transformational change programmes and the slowdown for such commitments can be seen in the representative figures for Q3 2023.

Cautious approach to hiring decisions

Continued uncertainty in the market continues to manifest itself in a more cautious approach to hiring decisions. Thus far 2023 represents somewhat of a contrast to 2022, when there was a distinct sense of urgency and speed to hiring decisions.

15% decrease in new L&D job vacancies

Permanent vacancies in Q3 declined by 15% in comparison to Q2 and as a whole 2023 is looking more like a return to ‘normal’ pre-pandemic levels, as the vacancy rates in 2022 were much higher than average. The recruitment service Totaljobs reports an even greater slowdown, showing that job postings relating to HR/L&D are down 32% year-on-year.

The full report with data on specific L&D job disciplines is available to download: Blue Eskimo L&D Barometer Q3 2023.