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What happened to salaries in L&D in 2022?

Stoke Prior, United Kingdom Learning NewsBlue Eskimo

Time to have your say by completing Blue Eskimo’s 2022 Workplace & Salary Survey.

In the Workplace. Photo by Headway on Unsplash
In the Workplace. Photo by Headway on Unsplash 

Blue Eskimo is looking for people working in L&D to participate in the Workplace and Salary Survey 2022. All participants in this year’s Survey will be sent a report of the key insights and will be in with a chance to win a £400 Apple Voucher. The survey only takes 4 minutes and every response helps. 

The last 12 months in the L&D and learning technologies sector have been unlike anything that Blue Eskimo have ever witnessed in 20 years of recruiting in this arena. Particularly when it comes to salary inflation relating to job moves. There has been a sharp increase in people moving for 30% to 50% salary increases. We’ve even had three moves that were in the 80% to 100% range! 

Based on our own data the average salary increase is about 20%, but it will be interesting to find out if this is reflected in our annual Workplace & Salary Survey.  

Certainly, at the moment at least, getting a salary increase by changing job is unprecedented in L&D, so a job move might look very appealing. However, we know from our previous surveys that money isn’t everything and it was only mentioned as the primary reason for moving jobs by 28% of candidates in our 2021 survey.  A close second was the opportunity for a more challenging and interesting role with 20% of responses. Other important considerations were company culture, stability, flexibility, and relocation. 

There are lots of things to consider before you make that leap to a new job, but we always recommend doing your research on the company you are looking to move to, look at the company finances, are they stable and in a good position for growth? What is the culture, do they support flexible working and how is the management structured? If you can, reach out to existing or former employees and ask their opinions and be sure you ask plenty of questions during the hiring process to make sure the role is a good fit for your life and values. 

Also think carefully about what is important to you, the phrase “Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time” is hackneyed, but it is still worth thinking about your career goals and how they align with your current or prospective job roles. If career progression is important to you, are there opportunities within your current organisation? Make sure that your future career plans are not only clear to you, but also to your current employer so you don’t miss out. 

If after all that you are still looking to move on, now seems like a great time to do it!  

If you would like to know more about what has happened in L&D in 2022, all participants in this year’s Workplace & Salary Survey will be sent a report of the key insights and will be in with a chance to win a £400 Apple Voucher. The survey only takes 4 minutes and every response helps.