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Blue Eskimo deploys the LPI’s Capability Map to reinvent L&D recruitment

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Blue Eskimo is reinventing how recruitment works in the learning sector. The leading recruiter has integrated the LPI’s Capability Map right into the heart of its systems and processes, leading to faster and far more accurate matches between candidates and jobs.

How Blue Eskimo is using the LPI’s Capability Map to transform recruitment

Blue Eskimo has rebuilt its online candidate portal to integrate tightly with the Learning & Performance Institute’s Capability Map. The new portal allows candidates to add their Capability Map scores to their secure, personal profile – which in turn allows a far more precise match to job roles. 

Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo, says that by using the Capability Map in this way, the recruiter aims to transform recruitment in the learning sector. “CVs have served us well and for a long time,” says Bate, “but they are incredibly limited. There’s no standard for documenting skills – or for presenting them with consistency. Many CVs have vital information left out, some are just too aspirational, and many don’t accurately represent the person’s real talents. The Capability Map provides us not just with a recognised benchmark for L&D skills, but also a common language to discuss them.”

The Capability Map allows L&D professionals to map their skills in a total of twenty-five areas, covering strategy and operations, designing and developing solutions, performance and impact, facilitating learning and supporting learning. “Working with employers,” says Bate, “we can determine which skills – and levels of skills ­– are objectively needed for each role. Where a candidate has supplied their Capability Map data, we can match that person to the role far faster than would otherwise be possible. Plus, the match is far more accurate. Candidates with a Capability Map, as a companion to their CV, are rising above the noise in what is currently a highly competitive, employer-driven market.” 

To support this shift, Blue Eskimo has rebuilt its online portal – this allows candidates to add Capability Map skills to their profile and helps Blue Eskimo match candidates to the most relevant jobs. Jobs on the Blue Eskimo website, where it’s relevant, now include detailed Capability Map requirements, helping candidates better understand the employer’s needs.

Blue Eskimo has also restructured its recruitment processes around the Capability Map. “From end to end,” says Bate, “we’ve aligned what we do to the Capability Map to reinvent recruitment.” 

The updated website and new candidate portal are now live.

Ed Monk, CEO of the Learning & Performance Institute, said that, “this is a really exciting practical use of the Capability Map that could help transform how recruitment in the sector works. The LPI and Blue Eskimo have worked closely on this initiative and we can’t wait to see its impact.”

Blue Eskimo is the leading recruitment provider to the learning sector, the Learning & Performance Institute’s only recruitment partner and an LPI Capability Map Ambassador. 

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