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Almost two thirds of learning professionals looking to change jobs

Stoke Prior, United KingdomLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

This year's work and salary survey, from recruitment specialist Blue Eskimo, shows that around 67% of people in the learning sector are considering changing jobs.

Summary results from this year's survey

Blue Eskimo’s survey has been running since 2008 and is widely recognised as the most comprehensive study of its kind, within the learning sector.

This year’s survey has shown the number of those seeking a new job increase, from around 63% last year to over 67% this year.

Nick Jones, director at Blue Eskimo, believes that this number is one that employers need to take notice of. “We’ve seen an upward trend over several years,” says Jones, “likely driven by static pay since the beginning of the recession. One way to be assured of a rise is to move jobs.”

Since less than 20% of those surveyed have received a pay rise above the rate of inflation, it’s not hard to see why changing jobs is more attractive now than ever before. “More than half of those who responded didn’t get a rise at all last year,” says Jones.

The learning sector is one driven by talent, says Jones. “Business is getting much stronger and demand for great people is very high. Companies need to move fast to get the right people – even though lots are considering a move, getting the very best can still be tough.”

Better news is that those working within the learning sector enjoy their jobs. “With over 55% of people saying that they are happy in their work,” says Jones, “job satisfaction is clearly a powerful counterbalance to static pay.”

The full results of the survey can be downloaded, free of charge, from Blue Eskimo’s website.

Blue Eskimo will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies exhibition on 28–29 January, at Olympia Central, in London. Those attending can meet the team on stand 12 – and chat about the results of the survey.