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Training budgets still battered by economy, survey finds

Stoke Prior, United KingdomLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

Almost 90% of people say that the economic crisis is impacting on training budgets, according to Blue Eskimo’s 2012 Salary and Work Survey.

Blue Eskimo Salary and Work Survey 2012
Blue Eskimo Salary and Work Survey 2012 

Blue Eskimo’s Salary and Work Survey, the learning industry’s most comprehensive study into current pay- and work-related issues, has just been published online. Over 750 people from the learning industry took part in this year’s survey – answering around 30 questions on a wide range of topics, including pay, benefits, work-life balance and the economy.

Blue Eskimo is the learning industry’s leading recruitment provider and is the nominated recruitment provider for the Learning & Performance Institute.

The overwhelming majority of those surveyed (88.27%) said that training budgets remained under pressure in 2012; more than half of those surveyed also felt that the current economic downturn would last at least another 2–3 years, while 15.96% felt that times would remain tough for more than another 3 years.

Nick Jones, director at Blue Eskimo, says that this pessimistic outlook won’t be a surprise to anyone – but that people should balance this with the survey’s other findings. “Five years into one of the biggest economic declines in living memory, it’s little wonder that training budgets remain tight. Around 63% of people say that the current economic situation has made their roles harder. But there’s plenty of good news too.”

It seems the sector is still reasonably well paid. Around 42% of people secured a rise either in line with, or above, the rate of inflation – and around half of those surveyed earned between £26,000–£45,000 per year. Although rates for contractors have eroded, the majority (over 83%) still earn £500 per day or more.

“The overall picture revealed by the survey is of an industry that remains a steady performer, even when times are tough,” says Jones. “Budgets may be cut – but people are responding by working hard – and still enjoying what they do. Over 80% of people are working more hours than for which they are paid but well over half of people – over 65% – are happy working in the learning industry.”

The complete survey – which contains detailed information about pay, benefits and much more – can be downloaded free from Blue Eskimo’s website.