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Standards help lower recruitment costs, says Blue Eskimo

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Benefitting from the Institute’s standards are a key driver for Blue Eskimo’s renewed accreditation by Learning & Performance Institute, says the specialist recruitment company.

Leading learning recruitment company Blue Eskimo has been accredited by the Learning & Performance Institute for the fourth year - demonstrating that the company works within the Institute's defined standards, standards which "can help to lower recruitment costs," according to Blue Eskimo director Nick Jones.

Blue Eskimo - which specialises in recruitment for the learning industry - is currently the only recruitment company to boast Learning & Performance Institute accreditation.

According to Jones, the Institute's standards significantly contribute to Blue Eskimo's ability to deliver fast, cost-effective recruitment. "There are two ways of looking at recruitment costs," says Jones. "The cost of getting it right and the cost of getting it wrong. Applying the Learning & Performance Institute's standards to our business model helps us to reduce both - and deliver a superior service." 

Blue Eskimo believes that working within the Institute's standards helps them get recruitment right first time. "For example," says Jones, "using the Learning & Performance Institute's Capability Map enables candidates to create an accurate skills profile, using a common language. This is an excellent companion to a CV. It enables the client to more confidently match a person to a role - doing so not only shortens the recruitment process, it reduces the chance of hiring the wrong person."

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development believes that the cost of a wrong hire can be as much as 2.5 times the annual salary of the employee - with average costs between £8,200 and £12,000. An Equal Opportunities Commission survey of small workplaces found that failed or wrong recruitment could cost anywhere from £1,000 to £28,000. (Source: CIPD website.)

"What such figures don't show," says Jones, "is the 'human cost'. The wrong hire of a key person can set back a business months. It can set back the career of a wrongly hired person by years."

Blue Eskimo has recently reported that the learning jobs market is up around 30%. "There's certainly greater confidence and more companies are hiring," says Jones, "but economic recovery is still fragile. There's a real need to make sure that the recruitment process is streamlined, robust and effective."

The Learning & Performance Institute's continued accreditation of Blue Eskimo shows the recruitment provider be 100% focused on the learning industry - plus, both process-driven and quality-led. "Companies need new people to get their businesses moving - they don't need additional costs and stalled business plans," concludes Jones.