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2012 survey: pay remains tight in the learning sector

Stoke Prior, United KingdomLearning NewsBlue Eskimo

Only around 15% of people in the learning industry secured a pay rise above the rate of inflation, according to Blue Eskimo’s 2012 Salary and Work Survey.


The survey, which is undertaken every year by the learning and e-learning industry’s leading dedicated recruitment company, provides the most up-to-date salary and work information for the sector.

This year’s survey reveals that only around 15% of people obtained a pay rise that was above the rate of inflation, while just over a quarter (26.55%) got a rise that was in line with inflation. The majority of people – 57.81% – didn’t get a pay rise at all.

“This number is roughly consistent with last year’s survey,” says Nick Bate, director at Blue Eskimo. “In our 2011 survey, almost 60% didn’t get a rise.”

Not only has pay remained tight, so have benefits. 67.75% of people said that they didn’t have a personal target to help them increase their earnings – this was up from 63% last year and part of a gradual downward shift.

That said, around half of people are happy with their pay and their benefits, feeling that they are “about right” for the industry.

One benefit that has been on the rise is the company pension – 56.51% of people are in a company pension scheme, according to the survey, and 28.66% of people get a contribution to their personal pension.

“The key benefit of yesteryear, the company car, is now only enjoyed by around 10% of people,” says Bate. “More and more people are planning ahead and realising that a decent pension is one of the best benefits they can have – which works out better for their employers, too.”

The full survey is available to download free of charge from Blue Eskimo’s website: download the 2012 Work and Salary Survey.

You can meet the Blue Eskimo team, get a free printed overview of the survey and discuss its findings on stand 17 at Learning Technologies 2013, at Olympia 2 on 29–30 January 2013.