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Global L&D authorities join to help corporate learning leaders become business critical

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The 702010 Institute has launched Tulser Global to reinvent learning and development to deliver business results; Laura Overton joins the team.

Tulser Global launches (top left clockwise): Laura Overton, Vivian Heijnen, Jos Arets, Charles Jennings
Tulser Global launches (top left clockwise): Laura Overton, Vivian Heijnen, Jos Arets, Charles Jennings  

Tulser Global launches today, a new initiative led by a team of world-renowned L&D changemakers, to help organisations redefine the ways they drive business-critical value through their L&D services.

Organisations and their learning teams are facing an existential crisis which provides a unique opportunity for transformation. Academic and industry evidence has shown that our thinking about learning in organisations needs to change. Organisations which can successfully shift their focus from L&D outputs (programmes and initiatives) to business results are likely to be more agile, competitive and innovative. This shift demands a systemic change in L&D that leverages formal, informal and organisational learning. To date few organisations have been able to achieve this systemic change.

Tulser Global brings together the founders of the 70:20:10 Institute, Jos Arets, Vivian Heijnen and Charles Jennings, and Laura Overton, the founder and former CEO of Towards Maturity, to create a leadership team  of L&D changemakers with many years’ experience innovating new approaches for L&D and analysing global trends.

The new team will lead fundamental change across learning and development, helping organisations to focus on and to build business-critical value through new L&D business models.

Jos Arets says: “Focus must move to considering L&D’s value in terms of the business value it creates, requiring a systemic change in L&D which is outcome led and evidence informed. The 70:20:10 Institute’s work is driven by science through the application of solid research and its experience working with Hilti, Citigroup and others shows that L&D can realise business value, rather than just learning value. This is the direction that corporate L&D must take and Tulser Global aims to provide L&D with the leadership and direction needed to embark on this systemic change.”

Laura Overton says: “The evidence of the past 15 years shows results matter and learning innovation, done well, does deliver results. We saw this at Towards Maturity, but we also saw that L&D struggles to fully embrace the change it knows it must go through. New business models for L&D are needed to help it to see the change through.”

“Tulser Global will work transparently and collaboratively and aim to help all stakeholders to co-create the future of learning and to help organisations and individuals create business value through learning in ways that will bring about fundamental change,” added Laura Overton.

The company name is an anagram of RESULT because the starting point of successful learning demands focus on the business results that need to be achieved.

Tulser Global has three primary objectives:

  • To help corporate learning leaders and their teams become value creators and business critical through practical, proven, and innovative approaches and tools.

  • To provide evidence-informed, robust, tested methodologies to accelerate change.

  • To establish an alliance across the industry to share a focus on driving business value through output led, evidence informed learning decisions.

Its hub will provide a home for fresh thinking, collaboration, and value-based L&D services.