Tulser helps organisations redefine and reinvent the ways they deliver business-critical value through L&D. Incorporating the 70:20:10 Institute, it provides trusted, independent services and insight to support the co-creation of business value through outcome-led, evidence informed action.

 Tulser provides solutions that:

  • CREATE VALUE-BASED LEARNING - To helping corporate learning leaders and their teams become value creators and business critical through practical, proven, and innovative approaches and tools.
  • ACCELERATE CHANGE through evidence informed, robust, tested methodologies.
  • CONNECT AND COLLABORATE, encouraging experiments and fresh thinking through an alliance of professionals across the industry who share common goals for driving value.

Based in the UK and The Netherlands, Tulser Global brings together the founders of the 70:20:10 Institute, Jos Arets, Vivian Heijnen and Charles Jennings, and Laura Overton, the founder and former CEO of Towards Maturity, to create a leadership team of L&D changemakers with deep knowledge of the industry and track records for innovating new approaches for L&D and analysing global trends. Clients include global organisations such as Hilti, Citibank, AstraZeneca, Signify.