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Trivantis, Creator of eLearning Authoring Tools, Celebrates 20 Years at Learning Technologies

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Trivantis, the Creator of Lectora and CenarioVR eLearning Authoring Tools, Prepares to Make a “Splash” at the Learning Technologies Conference by Celebrating Its 20 Year History and Two Decades of Innovation.


Trivantis®, the creator of widely-used eLearning tools, including Lectora® for course authoring and CenarioVR® for immersive learning, will be exhibiting at the Learning Technologies “LT” conference to unveil the latest releases of its products while celebrating its 20-year history as a South Florida based company.

Located in stand L25 this year, Trivantis will be resurrecting iconic elements that made Lectora recognizable as the industry’s first eLearning authoring solution, which is now utilized by thousands of organizations globally.

From the original Lectora surfboard logo to modern versions of its nostalgic lunch boxes (once used to deliver CD-ROMS of the product), Trivantis will be honoring its legacy alongside VR solutions created with its newest product, CenarioVR.

To show off its latest innovations, conference attendees will be invited to solve real-world problems simulated in virtual reality using courses created in CenarioVR. Plus, Trivantis will give away an Oculus Go headset to one lucky raffle winner which will be announced on February 13th.

“When we created Lectora 20 years ago, it forever changed employee training. Now two decades later, we’re changing training once again by making VR extremely easy to use and very affordable,” said John Blackmon, CEO, and Co-founder.

To demonstrate how easy it is to author a course in CenarioVR, Blackmon will present “Create, Publish, and Deliver an Interactive Enterprise VR Experience in 30 minutes” at 13:10 in Theater 1 on February 12, 2020. Then, following Blackmon’s session, Laura Silver, COO of Trivantis®, will demonstrate “Create a Responsive Microlearning Template in 15 minutes” using Lectora Online.

“Because Lectora is packed with so much functionality, some people only associated it with traditional eLearning. However, by demonstrating how easy it can be to author bite-sized learning, we hope to change that perception,” said Silver.

Since exhibiting at LT in 2019, CenarioVR and Lectora have both been significantly updated. In the last six months alone, CenarioVR has had four back-to-back releases which included enhancements such as timers, new actions for multimedia, animation effects, and immersive audio for more realistic-sounding simulations.

Trivantis also updated Lectora Inspire/Publisher and Lectora Online with several enhancements which include a new action to jump to a set time in a media file, an updated media player to support enhanced media streaming, closed captioning for Text to Speech audio, a new Style Painter (design shortcut), and other accessibility updates. Furthermore, to accommodate all types of authors and budgets, Lectora Online continues to offer affordable plan options, including a free version.

Aside from its authoring tools, Trivantis® will also demonstrate other widely used products including the CourseMill LMS, ReviewLink for collaboration, and Vaast for enterprise asset management.


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