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LNTV and TJ partner to elevate learning and performance excellence

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Learning Now TV, the premier channel for learning and performance professionals, and Training Journal, the leading online magazine dedicated to workplace learning, performance, and development, have announced a strategic partnership to share and amplify top-tier content.


In a move set to redefine industry collaboration, TJ will meticulously curate and share compelling video snippets from LNTV's monthly one-hour show. Simultaneously, LNTV will engage with and interview esteemed writers from Training Journal, providing audiences with a unique blend of expert insights and thought leadership.

Jo Cook, Editor of Training Journal, expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "This content-sharing initiative ensures that the most crucial topics and standout speakers from LNTV receive the recognition they deserve among learning professionals. By combining forces, we are enhancing the skills development and community experience that Training Journal consistently delivers."

Colin Steed, Founder & Executive Producer of LNTV, shares his excitement, affirming, "Our partnership with Training Journal aligns seamlessly with our mission to bring the best in learning and performance to our audience. Together, we are poised to create a powerful synergy that elevates the industry and fosters a deeper sense of community among professionals."

This groundbreaking collaboration between LNTV and TJ marks a pivotal moment for the learning and performance community. As both entities join forces to spotlight key industry topics and thought leaders, professionals can anticipate an enriched experience that combines the strengths of two industry giants. Stay tuned as LNTV and Training Journal embark on this journey to elevate learning and performance to new heights.