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TJ editor-in-chief to leave the Journal after 24 years

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Debbie Carter, editor-in-chief of Training Journal, will leave at the end of March 2021 after 24 years at the title.


After a long and successful career at one of the most respected publications in L&D, Debbie Carter is calling time on her career at TJ. The end of March will mark the end of an era for Training Journal as Carter ends a stint as editor which began all the way back in 2001. Prior to that she worked in the commercial arm of the business.

Reflecting on her time at TJ she said, "If there is one thing that seems to remain constant over the years is that nothing stays the same, and that the speed of change is now exponential. Dealing with change, developing leaders and the effective use of technology are the key areas that L&D professionals need to focus on to be successful today and into the future.

"It is time for us all to step up to the plate and choose to do things very differently. Remaining in our comfort zones isn’t an option any longer as COVID-19 has proven we always need to be looking ahead and planning for the unexpected."

TJ editor Jon Kennard also commented, "I’ll miss working with her a great deal, even if we did work remotely for the entire time we worked together. As a manager she has one of the best qualities you can have - and that’s trust in her people. She let me get on with it."

And get on with it he will, as he coninues his role at the title.