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StoryTagger shares how L&D can make employee-generated content its breakthrough strategy for 2023

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User-generated content at work expert, Carl Hodler, CCO at StoryTagger, will present a live knowledge-sharing session at the Learning Technologies Autumn Forum defining how L&D teams can accelerate their journey towards successful and scaleable co-creation with subject matter experts.

StoryTagger at Learning technologies Autumn Forum, 13 October London
StoryTagger at Learning technologies Autumn Forum, 13 October London 

With analysts including Fosway, RedThread and Edelman reporting on how L&D teams are wrestling to do more for less, trust in co-workers is higher than CEOs and the continued emphasis on a strong learning culture for business impact, employee-generated content and co-creation is gearing up to be the breakthrough strategy of 2023.

Carl Hodler says, “It's difficult to overstate how exciting it is to finally see user-generated content being seen as a valid and necessary content strategy for L&D. Scale, connection, cost and democracy are all drivers from brand and marketing strategies in the 00s that are echoed in the challenges L&D is facing today”.

This session represents 20 years of insights and real-world practice designing impactful employee-generated learning experiences in industries as diverse as financial, energy and hospitality.

The digital learning event will take place on Thursday, October 13th at ExCeL London. Details of the speaker session are below.

Topic: User-generated content for learning - how to make it happen
When: Thursday, October 13, from 11.00 - 11.30 in Theatre 1.

Session in brief: Following success in the consumer space, there is now huge demand for authentic, relevant, user-generated content at work. And, it’s not just employee expectations which are changing. Fosway and Go1 report nearly 60% L&D teams are moving to user-generated content approaches in 2022. But, as with any change it’s not all plain sailing - there are a few classic challenges every organisation needs to navigate.

So, how can you leverage the power of your people whilst efficiently meeting specific learning and performance needs?

Join Carl Hodler in theatre 1 at 11am to discover:

  • Headline benefits of UGC and what you need to create a business case
  • Classic UGC challenges and how to overcome them
  • Tips to engage your people to create meaningful content

Register for LTAF and download the full event program click here or get in touch with StoryTagger to talk about implementing employee-generated learning experiences.