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    • From text prompt to elearning magic

      Open eLMS | London, UK |

      Exploring the utilization of AI to convert text prompts into comprehensive eLearning content. Open eLMS AI, using a generalised AI knowledge base (either trained with company documentation or the standard data from Chat GPT), is introduced as a tool capable of generating eLearning courses on various subjects based on text prompts.

    • 5 Artificial Intelligence tools to build elearning

      Open eLMS | London |

      Developers, commissioners and consumers of learning content will find this article invaluable to understand the benefits which Artificial Intelligence can immediately bring to revolutionise the learning experience. The article showcases several AI tools that transform the learning experience, bringing quality to the design and dramatically reducing costs and development times for your organisation. This article reviews: * Chat GPT * MidJourney * D-id * descript *

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