News story : The eLearning Generator now available to buy

London, UKLearning NewsOpen eLMS Ltd generates highly professional looking eLearning in minutes. This news release announces that the product is now ready for sale and can be purchased at

Example eLearning generated by AI
Example eLearning generated by AIĀ : The eLearning Generator is released today promises to do to eLearning, what the car did to the horse and cart industry.  

This eLearning generation system will create a highly professional eLearning course within minutes on any topic the author requires; simply type a sentence or upload a document and will create an elearning course, with video presenters, animation and custom imagery to match the learning content.  The system will even create a quiz and can be downloaded and tracked on any Learning Management System.


What is the eLearning like?

From the description you may consider this a cheap alternative to hand coding an eLearning course from scratch, but this is far from the case.  The quality of the imagery, animations and video presenters is unreal.  Like all AI products, when implemented well, there is a kind of magical surprise in just what can be achieved. does not just use AI to generate the script, it also uses AI to create the imagery, design the screen layout and uses AI adapted heuristics to ensure the pedagogical model used produces the most effective learning experience possible.


How can I have a go?

From the home screen of the website - - the user can input the name of the course and press generate, within a minute a sample course will be ready to view.  At launch there is also a free version which allows users to download one new course every month, with paid subscriptions allowing users to download more courses with more content. 


I want eLearning which is highly tailored for my company though

Probably the most exciting prospect of this technology is allowing Open eLMS (the learning systems company behind to train the AI using an organisation’s documentation through its Open eLMS Chat service.  This allows clients to produce highly tailored eLearning content specifically created for their own organisation.


What if I want to make changes or add to the AI generated eLearning? content can be edited after generation using Open eLMS Creator (the company’s number one rated eLearning authoring system on Sourceforge and Slashdot) with it’s online drag and drop interface.  The system has been in generation since 2003 and features over 20 years of multimedia developed by the company, further enhancing the offering.


How much does it cost?

Apart from the Free version - available at - paid for versions range from £19.99 to £199.99 ($29.99 to $299.99) per month; a fraction of the cost of developing eLearning from scratch at prices comparable to Articulate Storyline.  

This Captivate/Articulate killer is available for purchase now, try out the free version at and see what you can produce. 

Live demonstration of eLearning generation