News stories from OEB Learning Technologies Europe in 2018

OEB Global 2018, leading international event on technology supported learning offers many new highlights

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 27 Nov 2018

OEB Global takes place in Berlin from 5-7 December; free seminar programme published.

Elliott Masie to present at OEB Global

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 14 Nov 2018

At OEB Global 2018 Elliott Masie is to host pre-conference session: Learning Changes.

OEB 2018: Data-driven education

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 08 Nov 2018

The opportunities and dangers of the greater use of data in learning and education will be debated at a panel session at OEB 2018 in Berlin from 5-7 December.

Implementing learning systems at scale at OEB 2018

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 06 Nov 2018

OEB in Berlin in December is to look in detail at the planning and communications issues around large-scale learning technology implementations, with a panel of learning technology practitioners, including from BCD Travel and

Learning and training with bots - why not?

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 01 Nov 2018

Bots are ready to take off in learning, yet this new way of communicating with learners provides challenges for education and learning technology professionals. At OEB 2018 a panel of edtech experts will present everything we need to know.

OEB 2018: A student-led conversation on the future of education

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 30 Oct 2018

Traditional education is coming to an end driven, in part, by more agile and ever-learning young professionals. At OEB 2018 a panel from Avans University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands will consider how technology is keeping up with new educational principles and what education in the future should look like.

Artificial intelligence in learning at OEB 2018

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 25 Oct 2018

OEB 2018 will investigate artificial intelligence in learning and whether AI can help us to learn better and faster and in more individual ways.

The New Role of the L&D Professional

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 23 Oct 2018

At OEB 2018 Donald H Taylor, Chair of the Learning Technologies Germany Track, will lead a conference session on how learning and development at work is changing and what this means for the role of the L&D professional.

‘All Learning Should Be Fun’: The Big Debate

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 20 Sep 2018

At OEB Global in Berlin, 5 - 7 December, a panel of experts, drawn from education, academia and business will debate the proposition that “all learning experiences should be fun.” Two teams of speakers will slug it out in front of an audience of hundreds of education professionals, managers and edTech entrepreneurs.

When machines take your jobs, we'll go back to learning

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 13 Sep 2018

The world is changing fast and, as machines take over traditional jobs, learning is set to become a central part of human existence. That’s the message experts will deliver at Europe’s top conference on learning and technology, which will be held in Berlin on 5 – 7 December 2018.

Exhibition and sponsors announced for expanded OEB event in Berlin

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 03 Sep 2018

OEB 2018: Pre-Conference Events Published

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 27 Jun 2018

What is learning’s plan? Call for proposals for OEB 2018

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 11 Apr 2018

OEB Global: Education “Hurtling Towards Massive Change Without a Plan”

OEB Learning Technologies Europe | 28 Feb 2018