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Learning and training with bots - why not?

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Bots are ready to take off in learning, yet this new way of communicating with learners provides challenges for education and learning technology professionals. At OEB 2018 a panel of edtech experts will present everything we need to know.

OEB 2018 to prepare learning and education professionals for a chatbot revolution in learning, Berlin 5-7 Dec
OEB 2018 to prepare learning and education professionals for a chatbot revolution in learning, Berlin 5-7 Dec 

Bots can be useful, bots can be nefarious. In the digital world, they are almost ubiquitous. In learning, they are ready to take off.

This panel at OEB 2018 examines the innovative use of bots in different sectors and areas. For people new to the topic, it will present an ‘everything-you-always-wanted-to-know-but-were-afraid-to-ask’ opportunity. Those already familiar will be introduced to compelling new concepts for the application of bots in learning and training.

The panel comprises edtech entrepreneur Donald Clark, innovation and emerging tech academic Silvia Prieto Preboste and educational psychologist Lars Satow.

Donald Clark member of OEB's Global Council e and CEO of an AI learning company WildFire, has been involved in consulting and implementing online learning in schools, FE, HE, corporate and government.

Silvia Prieto is Innovation Unit Coordinator and lecturer at Madrid Open University (UDIMA). Her research and teaching focus on the intersections of digital media and society, with special focus on innovation and emerging technologies.

Dr. Lars Satow is responsible for social and digital learning on SAP’s cloud platform SAP Learning Hub with more than 500,000 learners.

‘Learning and Training with Bots - Why Not?’ takes place at OEB 2018 in Berlin on Thursday December 6 at 14:30 and forms part of a series of sessions about edtech and technology solutions.

The full OEB conference programme along with registration and all the information delegates need to plan their time at the event is available on the OEB website.

OEB 2018 takes place in Berlin from 5-7 December.


Learning Technologies Germany will form part of OEB 2018, providing an additional focus for the conference on employment, skills and workplace learning.

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