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Implementing learning systems at scale at OEB 2018

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OEB in Berlin in December is to look in detail at the planning and communications issues around large-scale learning technology implementations, with a panel of learning technology practitioners, including from BCD Travel and

Implementing learning systems at scale at OEB 2018, Berlin 5-7 Dec
Implementing learning systems at scale at OEB 2018, Berlin 5-7 Dec 

Deploying a learning technology solution requires a lot more than simply turning on a system. It needs planning, buy-in, regular communications and a system of collecting and using feedback to ensure that expectations are identified, met and - ideally - exceeded. An expert panel at OEB 2018 aims to help learning professionals to understand some of the crucial techniques needed to ensure learning technology implementations succeed.

The panel, among others, includes Puneet Lakra of BCD Travel and Kirk Davies of

“Getting the system is one thing and making it work for your business at an optimum level is another,” points out panelist Puneet Lakra.

Puneet Lakra explains: “The talent suite at BCD Travel is offered to all users globally and consists of learning, performance and exam management and is supported in seven different languages. My talk at OEB will outline BCD Travel’s experience in deploying this learning system: the expectations from stakeholders, evaluation, getting buy-in, change management, keeping the momentum while addressing challenges, making the most of the system and big wins and lessons learnt - the key points which lead to a successful implementation. And continuous improvement and looking at the big picture.”

This panel session is a ‘must see’ for all those involved in large-scale learning technology implementations.

‘Implementing learning systems at scale - winning buy-in and driving change’ takes place at OEB 2018 in Berlin on Thursday December 7 at 11:45 and forms part of a series of sessions about workplace learning technologies.

The full OEB conference programme along with registration and all the information delegates need to plan their time at the event is available on the OEB website.

OEB 2018 takes place in Berlin from 5-7 December.


Learning Technologies Germany will form part of OEB 2018, providing an additional focus for the conference on employment, skills and workplace learning.

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