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ODILO a strategic ally in L&D plans

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ODILO is the pioneer of the “Unlimited Learning Ecosystems” category, which empowers organizations to offer unlimited ways of learning to their users.


The ecosystems allow both organizations and learners to access the largest catalog in the world, create unique learning paths and experiences, enabling them to scale all their L&D strategies.

ODILO, the global B2B2C scale-up which is fast pacing into the market by building a new category in education and recently raised a €60M investment round led by Bregal Milestone, considered the most significant EdTech round in Europe closed in 2022, is revolutionizing digital corporate education.

ODILO's Unlimited Learning Ecosystems have been invaluable to organizations in dealing with the challenges from the current hyper fragmented and disconnected EdTech market. Usually, having limited access to learning content materials and learning experiences, now grants them access to millions of resources from prestigious content brands. Furthermore, most platforms and services use a one-size-fits-all approach, whereas the Unlimited Learning Ecosystems are tailored to each of their 8500+ customers, allowing companies to utilize tens of thousands of resources to design learning paths that align with their corporate goals. Additionally, these ecosystems are personalized according to the users' skills and interests, making learning and upskilling more engaging.

Since ODILO has partnered with 6,300 content providers to bring the world’s most extensive multiformat educational content catalog to the table, organizations now have the possibility to integrate different content formats into learning pathways and to create comprehensive learning experiences on any topic. With over 4 million resources available, they are able to use licensed content from top providers, complying with all security guarantees, and also include their own corporate content to design L&D paths.

A key challenge faced by companies is the need for more comprehensive data. With ODILO BI, however, this issue is eliminated by offering a business intelligence tool that can generate reports on all activities within the Ecosystems, making it possible to quantify and understand how users learn and provide the best resources to maximize the potential of their learning journey. Additionally, the company has the expertise of industry professionals that offer advisory services to align with the organization's objectives, maximize engagement rates and achieve learning output expectations.

ODILO has designed specific programs to meet the L&D objectives, enabling companies to offer customized learning paths and experiences:
- Social, Collaborative & Self Learning programs to unlock learning skills at scale.
- Personal Development programs to unleash employee's full potential.
- Sustainability at the Core programs to foster green change.
- Diversity & Inclusion programs to drive a diverse mindset.

Over 8.500 organizations from 52 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, South East Asia, Australia and Africa, and top companies like Vodafone, Nestle or Santander Bank have already created Unlimited Learning Ecosystems, granting learning access to an aggregate base of +170 million learners.

Learning Technologies 2023
ODILO is taking part in Learning Technologies 2023, London ExCeL, 3-4 May.