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Nimble release new ‘Working at Height Essentials’ elearning course

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Falls from height are the leading cause of fatal accidents and serious injury in the UK workplace today. And you don't have to be working on a roof for this to apply to you... two thirds of all major injuries occur at low levels of two metres or less, so proper working at height training is essential to ensure the health and safety of all employees.

Nimble Course: Working at Height Essentials
Nimble Course: Working at Height Essentials 

Nimble Elearning have created a new 40-minute course Working at Height Essentials to help people become more aware of the risks involved in work from height and ways to minimise those risks. 

While not everyone will be up on a roof during the working day, many of us will undertake some tasks which can be considered as ‘working at height’ in the workplace. Quickly stepping onto a stool to reach a high shelf might not feel like something you need training for, but low level tasks like this can cause the most injuries.

The Nimble Working at Height Essentials course is delivered through three topics: 

  • Assessing the risk 
  • Safe practice 
  • Working with ladders

Throughout the course there are plenty of interactive elements, with tasks such as spotting the risks in different images. Real-life examples ensure that learners can always be thinking about how this information is practically useful in their workplace. Illustrated short videos show the learners the key information needed in a very clear way.  

“Not recognising when we're working at height is a major cause of injury, as we fail to apply measures that would otherwise keep us safe. This course helps you identify, prepare for, and execute work at height as safely as possible.” – Shaena, Learning Design Team at Nimble

More information on the CPD Certified 'Working at Height Essentials' course can be found here.