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Nimble Elearning course explores the importance of environmental awareness in the workplace

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As the global climate crisis mounts, more and more businesses are looking at the steps they can take to save energy, reduce their carbon footprint and make a more positive impact on the environment.

Nimble Course: Environmental Awareness Essentials
Nimble Course: Environmental Awareness Essentials 

An Open University study calculated that online learning consumes an average of 85% less CO2 emissions than conventional face-to-face training, cutting energy consumption by 90%. This statistic shows that elearning, in and of itself, is inherently environmentally friendly. 

Nimble Elearning wanted to take advantage of these eco-friendly credentials by pushing them one step further. They are raising awareness and encouraging employers and employees to play their critical part with a newly released Environmental Awareness Essentials elearning course.

Throughout the 45-minute course, the importance of being environmentally aware in the workplace is explored. It offers ideas, actions and behavioural changes we can all make, to do our part in safeguarding our planet for the future.

Nimble also strives to support their customers in their efforts to make positive changes for the good of the environment. They have now added this course as standard, for free, for all new and existing Nimble LMS customers to train their employees. It can also be purchased separately.

Positive feedback about Nimble’s Environmental Awareness Essentials course is already coming through from their customers – especially from those who are preparing their businesses and staff for the run up to the Cop26 Summit and the UN-backed Race To Zero global campaign for companies to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.

What does this Environmental Awareness Essentialscourse cover?

  • Our greatest threat

  • The environmental challenge

  • Action at work

  • Working from home

By the end of the course, employees and employers should be able to:

  • Recognise the benefits of a greener approach to their working practices

  • Know how positive action in the workplace can make a difference to our environment

  • Take steps to reduce the negative impact their workplace can have on the environment

  • Make waste management choices that are better for the planet

The course finishes with a quick test of new-found knowledge, but the real test is putting what's been learned into action.

Nimble’s Learning Adviser Hannah Davies has also created a companion guide 6 Ways to Promote Environmental Awareness at Work which contains six simple ways to make sustainable choices every day. 

Hannah concludes, "Minimising our impact on the planet is everyone's responsibility, but even the most environmentally aware among us can sometimes be fighting an uphill battle in the workplace. At Nimble, we strive to make greener choices – and importantly, to support our colleagues to make those choices too. That's why I put together this guide to accompany our new Environmental Awareness Essentials elearning course. It gives employers practical tips to build a sustainable workplace, starting with some easy ways to save energy and water, pointers for waste reduction, and encouraging greener commutes".

Hannah’s guide can be found here.

You can try a short demo of the Nimble Environmental Awareness Essentials Course here.