News stories from Nimble Elearning in 2020

Online course authoring just got easier with Nimble Author 2

Nimble Elearning | 29 Nov 2020

Nimble Elearning to launch their eagerly anticipated course authoring tool, Nimble Author 2, at the World Of Learning Virtual Summit on 9-10 December.

Nimble Elearning support their customers with an Equality and Diversity Essentials course

Nimble Elearning | 16 Jun 2020

The issues of racial equality and ethnic diversity have been brought to the fore, and in recent weeks, equality and diversity training for individuals and organisations are a priority for those involved in L&D.

The benefits of furlough training: Phil Parker, L&D Consultant, Nimble Elearning

Nimble Elearning | 08 Jun 2020

Training during furlough brings real benefits and furloughed employees can – and should – receive training.

Nimble Elearning release a 5-course 'Working from home essentials' pack to support organisations

Nimble Elearning | 30 Mar 2020

Companies are struggling to brief their employees on the logistical, emotional and compliance considerations that they need to be aware of when working from home. The pace of policy change for working conditions has left companies without the time to fully prepare their teams for this unprecedented change.

Nimble Elearning make Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness elearning course available to everyone

Nimble Elearning | 12 Mar 2020

With coronavirus now confirmed as a pandemic by World Health Organisation (WHO), the Nimble Elearning Learning Design team have acted quickly to create and release a Coronavirus (COVID-19) Awareness elearning course for the workplace.

Nimble Elearning expands Learning Design team to meet increased market demand for editable elearning

Nimble Elearning | 09 Mar 2020

The desire for editable “off-the-shelf” learning resources is growing fast. Nimble Elearning have expanded their Learning Design team to respond to this increased need.

Making learning ‘stick’: News UK and Nimble Elearning at CCCE

Nimble Elearning | 08 Mar 2020

On March 18th, Carolyn Forbes, Systems and Training Manager for News UK, will talk about how their approach to blending learning has improved engagement. Her session at the Call and Contact Centre Expo at London ExCeL will explain how this transformation has included developing a productive relationship with Nimble Elearning.

Nimble Elearning are featured on the 2020 Fosway 9-Grid™ for Learning Systems

Nimble Elearning | 04 Mar 2020

In a crowded marketplace, how do you know where to find the best suppliers and performers in elearning? The answer is provided by the Fosway 9-Grids™ created by Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR Industry Analyst focused on Next Gen HR, Talent and Learning.

Nimble Elearning has been awarded Cyber Essentials Certification by the IASME Consortium

Nimble Elearning | 19 Feb 2020

Data security and integrity is of paramount importance to Nimble. They’ve gone to great lengths to ensure that their customers’ data is secure, and their service is available 24/7.