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Tackling sexual harassment in HE: Collaboration with Manchester Metropolitan University Case Study

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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a leading UK-based eLearning provider, has published a case study about its collaborative work with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) to create an eLearning module, ‘Disclosure by Students’, addressing the prevalent issue of sexual misconduct across HE institutions and offering guidance on how to effectively and appropriately respond to disclosures of this nature by students.


Following an issue of expectations from the Office for Students (OfS) about preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct, MMU wanted to address and reflect these expectations across their university. These expectations included training that covered all forms of harassment and sexual misconduct and demonstrates measurable changes in behavioural attitudes as a result of the training. Addressing the challenge they faced, Paul Walsh, MMU’s People Development Manager commented:

“As a University, we are keen to work with all colleagues to ensure they feel confident and supported in handling student disclosures in the appropriate way. In light of the Office for Students’ Statement of expectations for preventing and addressing harassment and sexual misconduct, we have worked closely with Marshalls to develop engaging learning content for colleagues that reflects these expectations and delivers some core underpinning principles to support students, and themselves, in responding to a disclosure.”

Collaborating with Marshalls on this project required bringing together two eLearning modules to ensure all relevant and necessary content was covered in a high-quality, engaging and informative format. The collaboration process was extremely positive, with Walsh sharing:

“Throughout the development process, Marshalls have been responsive and collaborative, particularly as the external landscape evolves with the OfS and their consultation process. We are pleased to be launching this training to all staff at Manchester Met, and we hope the end product provides an informative and engaging eLearning module for colleagues working across the HE sector.”

Making a difference across the HE sector

This collaborative project, and the resulting eLearning module ‘Disclosure by Students’, has potential to have a significantly positive impact on the HE sector. This module is a valuable resource to educate HE staff members on the prevalent issue of sexual misconduct and inform them about the necessity of actively preventing and addressing this issue correctly. Aligning with OfS guidance is the first step to ensure a campus-wide response to disclosures of sexual misconduct.

To read the full case study, please visit: ‘Disclosure by Students’ elearning with Manchester Met Case Study.

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