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Marshalls launches Speak Up Culture Training suite

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Marshall E-Learning announces the launch of their new Speak-Up Culture Training suite, designed to empower organisations to create an inclusive, supportive and welcoming culture.


Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, part of Ciphr, a leading UK-based eLearning training provider is pleased to announce the upcoming launch of our brand new Speak-Up Culture training suite.

There are many reasons why establishing a speak-up culture is essential, including the support of employee wellbeing, the increase of organisational inclusivity, the prevention of issues and risk and the boosting of an organisational reputation. Cultivating a speak-up culture for your organisation has the potential to strengthen relationships, innovation and productivity as employees feel comfortable, safe and supported. A speak-up culture offers many tangible benefits across all levels of your organisation, from internal communications to external reputations and results.

Marshalls recognised the value of speak-up cultures and have developed a new Speak-Up Culture Training suite designed to empower organisations with the necessary knowledge and tools required to implement speak-up culture practices effectively. This suite enables organisations to successfully build a culture that is transparent, positive and supportive.

The suite consists the following eLearning training modules:

-            NEW Speak-Up Culture Building Blocks

-            NEW Being an Active Bystander

-            Bullying and Harassment

-            Sexual Harassment

-            Microbehaviours

-            Allyship

-            Whistleblowing

-            Inclusive Line Management

Ann Allcock, Marshalls’ head of diversity, commented:

"Few organisations can have missed the high profile cases in the news over the past couple of years, which have highlighted the importance of employers really understanding what is going on in their workplace, in terms of unacceptable employee behaviours or malpractice - and the significant reputational and financial risks if they don't. Creating a culture where all staff understand what inappropriate, unethical or unlawful looks like, and play their part in f;agging things that aren't quite right, is an important part of the solution here. But that will only happen if employees feel safe and secure raising sensitiev issues, have a sense of belonging, and are confident that they will be listened to. That's why our new suite brings together modules on key topics in this space to both increase awareness and understanding, and ensure that the building blocks are in place to create a culture that will support speaking up."

Availability of our Speak-Up Culture Training suite

Our Speak-Up Culture Training suite will be launching on Wednesday 24th April 2024. Organisations interested in this suite and those wanting to hear more about potential customisation opportunities, please reach out to a member of the Marshall team via email at [email protected] or via our website.