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Marshall E-Learning launches Antisemitism and Islamophobia eLearning

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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy announces the launch of their Antisemitism and Islamophobia eLearning modules due to overwhelming demand from corporate and education sectors.

Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, part of Ciphr and a leading UK-based provider of eLearning training is pleased to announce the launch of two modules on the challenging topics of Antisemitism and Islamophobia.

Marshalls developed these modules in response to the increasing prevalence of these issues with the intention to equip learners with a greater understanding of the issues of Antisemitism and Islamophobia across the UK.

These two modules have already been commissioned by clients, with demand being generated by corporate organisations wanting to make sure that employees are informed and able to behave appropriately and respectfully. Clients in the education sector were equally passionate about these topics as many universities seek to improve student relations.

Both modules were carefully researched by our head of diversity, Ann Allcock. She says:

“While Antisemitism and Islamophobia have long been a reality and a concern in the UK, the developing situation in the Middle East has drawn these prejudices into sharp focus. Employers are seeking to ensure that all staff are appropriately supported and offer informative and practical content, educating around myths, stereotypes, tropes and assumptions relating to Muslim and Jewish communities. They guide learners on how to speak about the current conflict without straying into Islamophobia or Antisemitism.”

Availability of our Antisemitism and Islamophobia modules

Our Antisemitism and Islamophobia eLearning modules are readily available.

Discover our Antisemitism eLearning course>

Discover our Islamophobia eLearning course>

To learn about the content of these modules and their development in more depth, please read this blog:

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