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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy Launches New Managers Toolkit Video Microlearning Courses

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Written in partnership with eight leading UK universities, Marshall’s introduces a new suit of video driven management training micro-courses called the Manager’s Toolkit. Each 10 minute course is designed with the new manager in mind, to quickly upskill them on a range of different topics from budgeting, to recruitment, appraisals, staff induction and more.

“Consultation with our clients told us their number one priority is management development skills for first time managers. That’s why we created a collection of short video-based courses, on a wide range of useful topics that learners can dip into whenever they need.”

- David Marshall, Founder and MD of Marshall ACM

With Microlearning fast becoming the most popular means of online training formats, the evidence is building to show that not only do most learners prefer it (in a recent survey 94% of learners stated a preference for the micro-format, Boyette, 2012), but that microlearning improves focus and supports long-term retention by up to 80% (RPS Research).

Leveraging this preference amongst learners for bite-sized ‘just in time’ learning, Marshall’s suite of management training microcourses teaches new managers the essential learning points they need, when they need it.

Each microcourse is guided by a friendly and knowledgeable presenter, who is able to effectively and efficiently communicate the subject matter in a way that is approachable and clear. Their catalogue currently covers the following topics – Introduction, Communication, Defining Management, Equality and Diversity, Recruitment and Selection, Time Management, Discipline and Grievance, Managing Absence, Managing Budgets, Managing Teams, Staff Induction, Performance Review. 

Click on the promotional video below for a preview.