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Innovative eLearning courses on Generative Artificial Intelligence

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Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a leading UK-based eLearning provider, has announced a range of dynamic, accessible and engaging eLearning courses on Generative Artificial Intelligence.

GenAI Introduction, one of 5 GenAI elearning modules
GenAI Introduction, one of 5 GenAI elearning modules 

These courses are designed to equip organisations with the knowledge and tools to integrate GenAI into their daily operations and long-term strategies. As the adoption of GenAI accelerates across industries, it becomes imperative for organisations to understand its advantages as well as the risks and ethical implications associated with it.

Recognising this, Marshalls’ new suite covers the practical implementation of GenAI in the workplace, strategic considerations and how to manage the challenges it may pose.

Marshall's new GenAI eLearning suite comprises of five presenter-led, microlearning modules:

  • An Introduction
  • Getting started with popular AI chatbots
  • Developing a strategy around AI
  • Risks, challenges and ethics
  • What does the future hold?

“Artificial intelligence isn’t the future; it’s a reality”, says David Marshall, CEO and founder of Marshall E-Learning Consultancy, a Ciphr company. “I believe that in 2023, the most critical piece of training that organisations can offer their colleagues is on how to use AI in their work, to assess how their competitors are using it and to reflect on the risks and ethical challenges around AI.”

Availability of GenAI eLearning suite

Marshall's GenAI eLearning courses are launching towards the end of this month (October 2023). Organisations interested in integrating these eLearning courses into their training or interested in customization should reach out to a member of the Marshalls team via email [email protected], or via the website,