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Anti-racism e-learning course rapidly adopted by UK universities

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Education provider Marshall E-Learning responds to demand for anti-racism training.

A new e-learning course, titled Let’s Talk About Race in the Workplace, has been commissioned by five UK universities in its first week of release. Portsmouth, Strathclyde, East Anglia and Cranfield universities are the first to start using the course.

Although it can be adapted by any organisation, demand for the new course shows the issue of racial equality is particularly topical for UK universities.

Let’s Talk About Race in the Workplace was written by Maggie Semple OBE, diversity consultant, businesswoman and entrepreneur.

Maggie said: “Not only does the course specifically look at race in the workplace, but it is also very topical. In my experience, not many companies or organisations have had the courage to explore issues openly around their black employees, their black students, their black customers, their black clients and their black supply chains.

“The word here is ‘black’. The issue of race has always been uncomfortable for many. But given recent campaigns and protests, including Black Lives Matter, the zeitgeist is all about how unjust society is for people who are black and what can be done about this.

“The course tackles the issue of race head-on and talks about white privilege, micro-aggressions and unconscious bias in a connected and informative way. I think that this makes this resource stand out from other offerings. We are clear that this is not a general D&I programme.”

David Marshall, CEO of Marshall E-Learning, said: “We provide diversity and inclusion e-learning courses to over 300 corporate organisations. However, we had a wave of clients asking for support on the topic of race. I think everyone felt it was time to have a really candid conversation about racial discrimination in the workplace.”

Meanwhile, Marshalls has also been commissioned by Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas to produce unconscious bias e-learning resources for their staff and students.

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