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LEO launches key thought leadership piece on blended learning

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LEO’s new blended learning ebook covers the seven main benefits of blends, supported by several client stories, case studies and research.

In a LEO learning podcast, Programme Manager Sophie Ryde discusses how a blended learning solution can create meaningful, engaging training for busy retail staff.
LEO's new blended learning ebook looks at the seven main benefits of blended learning programmes
LEO's new blended learning ebook looks at the seven main benefits of blended learning programmes 

Global end-to-end learning solutions provider LEO has launched a new blended learning ebook highlighting the big benefits of blends. Entitled ‘Why blended learning works (and can work for you!)’, the ebook is authored by LEO’s Director of Learning, Imogen Casebourne, who is well-known in the industry for her thought leadership, white papers and speaking sessions.

Imogen, who’s currently working on her doctorate on mobile learning through the University of Oxford, draws on two decades of experience for the ebook, which can be accessed on the LEO website.

“Definitions of blended learning have sometimes been quite simplistic and technology-centric, perhaps involving a single workshop and some online pre-work. And sometimes that might be exactly what’s needed,” said Imogen. “However, people are now moving to a more learner-centric definition, with a focus on a blend of learning activities, some or all of which may or may not be supported by technology.”

The ebook goes into more detail on that more modern view of blended learning.

“We know from our conversations with clients that there is huge demand for blends,” added Imogen. “Blended learning programmes have the capacity to create multi-faceted learning environments that support learners’ needs and aid retention.”

Why blended learning works (and can work for you!)’ contains LEO’s latest thinking on blends and includes:

  • The history and definitions of blended learning

  • Case studies, research and anecdotal evidence of effective blends

  • The seven main benefits of a blended learning programme

Copies of the blended learning ebook are available to download from:

In addition to the blended learning ebook, LEO is running two webinars on blended learning for the retail and oil & gas sectors in November and December 2017. Further details will be made available on LEO's events page along with registration for the webinars.