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Market bracing itself as recessionary pressures loom large. Fosway's 2023 learning systems market report is out; growth for some, cost-cutting for others; interview with market analyst, Fiona Leteney.

Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst, Fosway
Fiona Leteney, Senior Analyst, Fosway 

Fosway has released its new 9-Grid for Learning Systems. The research shows that, despite growth in some parts of the learning systems market, some vendors are already cutting costs to prepare for an economic slowdown in 2023.

Fosway's lead analyst for the learning systems market is Fiona Leteney and she discusses the market in this in-depth interview with Rob Clarke.

There's evidence of an increase in pressure on L&D teams to show their value, a topic we've reported on countless times on Learning News. We look at the mid-market in detail, the most crowded part of the market, and the war amongst vendors for developer talent and how it is affecting the market. And Fiona takes us through the market 9-Grid and points out some vendors to watch.

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