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Cornerstone People Research Lab 2023 Trends Report.

Learning and development salaries and work conditions 2022/2023.

Business leadership and learning and development: annual report from Mind Tools for Business.

Increase in L&D sentiment for AI; re-skilling top but down.

Learning systems market 2023: vendor positioning.

LPI refreshes membership for 2023.

Talent shortages top business challenge.

Learning News with industry leaders at Omniplex Learning’s customer event.

Characteristics of high performing L&D teams: Mind Tools Learning Performance Benchmark.

Young people choosing marketing; career perceptions from CIM

L&D struggling to be heard by the C-Suite

UNLEASH wins HR Publication of the Year

Annual L&D Benchmark Report 2022 with Nahdia Khan and Anna Barnett.

Research into the learning profession from The Learning Network

How are workers learning in 2022? New report from Mind Tools For Business
Better targeting, personalisation and learning in workflows is how L&D will tackle online fatigue, according to a new report
Business struggles to engender learning culture: Learning Performance Benchmark 2022 early findings
Interview with market analyst Fiona Leteney about Fosway's 2022 learning systems market report and 9-Grid.
The L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2022 shows how Covid-19 continues to affect learning and development world-wide.
Business leaders are leaning on the learning function to help deliver business transformation.
UK learning sector acquisitions and investment activity continuing at a high rate.
Nahdia Khan from Mind Tools for Business on the early findings from the Learning Performance Benchmark 2022.

Interview with Gareth Becker from Corinium Global Intelligence, author of the report into the use of immersive learning in L&D

David Perring discusses Fosway's HR Realities Research 2021 and its market segmentation 9-Grid™ for Talent & People Success.

David Wilson joins Learning News to talk about how the Cloud HR market is evolving.

What's behind a rise in those not receiving any training?

2021 Learning Performance Benchmark Report: interview with Caroline Horvath and Gent Ahmetaj.

9-Grid for Talent Acquisition and market report; extended interview with David Wilson, Fosway.

Interview with TJ’s new editorial head, Jon Kennard, on Debbie Carter’s time at leading L&D title, TJ.

Interview with Fosway's David Perring on the 2021 9-Grid™ for Digital Learning market report.
L&D Global Sentiment Survey 2021: Donald H Taylor outlines key shifts in L&D sentiment.

David Wilson discusses the learning systems market with Learning News, offering an in-depth view of the market following the turmoil of 2020 and where the market's priorities lie for 2021.

Ed Monk, CEO, LPI, extended interview with Learning News’ Rob Clarke.

Nahdia Khan on the initial findings of Emerald Works’ annual Learning Health Check.

Nigel Paine discusses the differences between traditional and modern learning environments and the common challenges learning and development finds in creating them.

Bob Mosher talks to Learning News about the challenges of building learning in the workflow.

Kate Graham provides an update on the Women In Learning movement.

Market analyst, David Wilson, explains Fosway’s reclassification of the learning systems market.

Market analyst, David Perring, provides an update on Fosway’s 2020 Digital Learning Realities research programme.

Learning to learn - preparing humans for technological change: Insights from the opening keynote at Learning Live 2019 by Graham Brown-Martin.

Jane Daly, Chief Insights Officer with Towards Maturity, talks about the L&D market’s use of technology and provides an update on the evolving Towards Maturity initiative.

Ed Monk, CEO, Learning and Performance Institute, interviewed at LEARNINGLIVE, discusses new roles and skills emerging in learning and development and the LPI's Capability Map.

Jane Hart talking about modern workplace learning: a new approach for how we live and work today.

Will Thalheimer sets out where the learning sector is at with its quest to improve evaluation

David Kelly, The eLearning Guild at LTSF19, provides an update for L&D pros on blockchain in learning.


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