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How sales training is changing

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Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO of Imparta, talks about the sales environment and how new learning methods and technologies are helping salesforces adapt to the digital age.

Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO, Imparta
Richard Barkey, Founder and CEO, Imparta 

At Learning Technologies 2019 Learning News invited Richard Barkey, CEO of the sales learning provider Imparta, to share his thoughts on today’s sales environment and how Imparta is meeting the considerable challenge of helping sales teams to get to grips with the digital age.

Richard Barkey talks about what he felt were serious failings in the sales training market. At the time he founded Imparta, 20 years ago, Richard felt that sales training wasn't living up to its promise of delivering impact and, instead, was just delivering ‘training events’.

In his interview with Learning News, Richard talks about how Imparta uses uses modern learning methods, the latest learning technologies and change management services to improve the impact of sales learning and raise performance.

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