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Women in Learning
News highlights from the first Women in Learning Conference
5 Jul 2019
World of Learning 2019
Event news preview
The Human-led future of work



Louise Pasterfield, Sponge
Creativity and developing people
8 Mar 2019
Paul McElvaney, Learning Pool
Learning in the workflow
7 Mar 2019
Phil Saunders, Saba
Priorities, learning market, Lumesse
6 Mar 2019


Learning leaders

Learning leadership
Interview with Loiza Tallon at LearningLive Networks
5 Apr 2019
Rising Star
Interview with Sarah Davies at LearningLive Networks
5 Apr 2019
Transforming learning at Hilti
Hilti’s director of L&D, Rachel Hutchinson, talks to Learning News
2 Mar 2019


Learning industry insights

Learntech trends
Dani Johnson at LT2019 on AI in learning
8 Apr 2019
L&D sentiment in 2019
Donald Taylor talks to Learning News about the L&D Global Sentiment Survey
16 Mar 2019
LearnTech landscape
David Perring, Fosway, on the learning technology landscape
15 Mar 2019


Learning providers in the news

Learning Experiences
Ben Betts, CEO, HT2 Labs talks about learning experience platforms
12 Mar 2019
Learning recommendations
Interview with Filtered’s head of customer success, Rob MacAllister
27 Mar 2019
Bite-sized learning
Ali Soper, Cofounder of MicroLearn, talks to Learning News
2 Mar 2019


Learning Technologies 2019

News highlights video
Views from learning leaders at the sector’s biggest event
21 Feb 2019
End learner focus
Hayley Khan on Virtual College’s rebrand at LT2019
28 Mar 2019
21st Century Learning
Jane Hart - a new approach for how we live and work today
9 Apr 2019


World of Learning

World of Learning 2019
Event preview
4 Jul 2019
Inside World of Learning
Interviews from World of Learning, October 2018
25 Oct 2018
L&D Trends: Sean Nugent, LEO
Sean Nugent on the L&D landscape and LEO Learning's focus
12 Nov 2018



Interviews from LEARNINGLIVE, September 2018
27 Sep 2018
Innovations in Humanitarian Learning
Humanitarian Leadership Academy: the skills to respond to crises and disasters
6 Oct 2018
End-To-End Learner Experience
Gemma Critchley, Aviva: lessons from from marketing and social media
6 Oct 2018


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Learning Technologies Summer Forum news highlights