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How learning brands can cut through the noise in 2024

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Webinar for L&D marketers with Rob Clarke from Learning News and Martin Couzins from Insights Media, 18 January 2024.


The corporate learning market is a crowded and noisy place with hundreds of vendors vying for buyers’ attention. Generic comms driven by product features or the latest learning trend (generative AI anyone?) make it hard for buyers to understand who they should be approaching to help overcome their challenges. 

So how do you create content that helps your learning brand stand out from the crowd, especially in more challenging economic times? In this webinar, Rob Clarke, editor, Learning News, and Martin Couzins, director, Insights Media, will discuss:

  • The importance of understanding audience segments
  • The role of content marketing in driving brand awareness
  • How thought leadership can build a distinctive brand
  • What constitutes news and how to make news
  • Comms channels to amplify your message

How learning brands can cut through the noise in 2024

Date: 18/01/2024
Time: 15.00 GMT