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Insights Media accelerates marketing impact for learning suppliers

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Content marketing agency Insights Media launches initiative to help learning suppliers put customer challenges and business impact at the heart of their brand communications.

UK-based content marketing agency Insights Media has launched a unique marketing offer for the L&D and people development sectors.

The Marketing Accelerator provides suppliers with a snapshot of their current marketing effectiveness. This insight is then used to plan marketing activities that will accelerate impact.

The starting point for the programme is the Marketing Impact Assessment. This measures a range of indicators to show the effectiveness of a brand’s content and communications activity. One of these indicators includes the brand relevance sniff test.  For the test, the Insights Media team sniff around a brand’s website for 30 seconds, looking for answers to three key questions:

- What does the brand do?

- Who does it do it for?

- How does it do it?

The sniff test shows customers the strength of their site messaging, if customers can easily and quickly understand the product or service and what their first impressions are likely to be.

The brand is also scored on other indicators including trust, authority and relevance.

Insights Media founder and Head of Insights, Martin Couzins, comments: “This unique offering is based on our understanding of the market and the challenges facing learning professionals and the organisations they work for. We hold a mirror up to supplier brands to see if what they say relates to the challenges faced by their customers.”

Once a brand has been assessed they can proceed to the next stage in the programme, the half-day Marketing Planning Workshop, as facilitated by Insights Media. This enables clients to explore how to improve their marketing impact using the insights from their Marketing Impact Assessment.

One learning supplier who has been through the Marketing Accelerator said the experience was really useful and insightful. The workshop provided a valuable space for him to reflect on his company’s existing content and communication and to then consider the next steps for marketing in a more measured way.

“In the past people have either tried to go into tactics too early, or have tried to get me to change our model.  You listened really well, were open to ideas (not just telling me) and allowed me time to process what we discussed so I could simplify what we are looking to do, and avoid any feelings of being overwhelmed from project and task overload,” he says.

Insights Media carried out a brand relevance sniff test of 20 randomly selected suppliers who are exhibiting at Learning Technolgies 2020. The results show that brands are guilty of presenting aspirational statements sprinkled with buzzwords as the main messaging on their site. They also lack customer voice and evidence of business impact.

Couzins adds: “Think about your customer and potential customer. They have business and learning challenges they are looking to solve and they are looking for the right solution. You want to communicate that you are that solution. And you want to be able to demonstrate that through evidence, be it customer testimony or analytics.”

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