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Insights Media launches Customer Credibility Index to help learning suppliers create more credible communications

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Content and communications agency helps cut through the noise and develop authentic content that builds credibility and connects with the audience.

An example of the Customer Credibility Index
An example of the Customer Credibility Index 

Insights Media is a new content marketing and communications agency to help learning suppliers create credible content to stand out in the market.

As the learning marketplace becomes ever more crowded so it becomes harder for suppliers to stand out from the crowd. To make matters worse, the customers - L&D professionals - are facing increasing pressures to innovate at a time when they are overloaded with information and are time poor. Hyperbole, fake news and fads add to the industry noise.

Insights Media is the new trading name for Itsdevelopmental, which has delivered high quality content to more than 30 learning companies over the last eight years. As a part of the launch, Insights Media has developed a new service to measure the authenticity of a brand/team’s content and communications. The Customer Credibility Index measures a brand’s content and communications across five indicators: trust, authority, authenticity, customer success and customer advocacy.

Martin Couzins, founder and Head of Insights at Insights Media, comments: “For eight years we have been using research, data and insights from customers to help suppliers create thought-leading content and communications to help grow their businesses. Our new name better reflects what we do. We are also very excited to launch our Customer Credibility Index which allows us to hold up a mirror to an organisation to see if its content and comms is credible and authentic.”

Building trust with customers remains a challenge for suppliers. Research from Adobe shows that 5% of people trust what brands tell them. At a time when fake news and misinformation is rampant, being a reputable and trusted source of information is becoming a business imperative.

Learning leader and author of Workplace Learning Nigel Paine, comments: “This is really important. Insights Media is focussing on credibility and reputation. More and more organisations will want to know how believed they are and how credible and responsible they are. Organisations need to understand how to build trust.”

“If you want insights on how the world sees you, and for an internal team how the organisation sees you, then talk to Martin and the team because they have something that no one else offers at the moment.”

Insights Media works with learning suppliers and internal learning teams to help build their credibility. As we’ll as the index, the team provides a range of services, including:

  • Consultancy/advisory, facilitation and change management
  • Content and comms - review and forward planning
  • Create/curate content
  • Learning consultancy/design
  • Event facilitation
  • Coaching

Insights Media also generates workplace and learning insights through its curation platform LearnPatch and explores new thinking and ideas through its podcast From Scratch. Martin provides insights on latest learning research for Learning Now TV.

The team has deep expertise in producing content across L&D, HR, business and the workplace and digital transformation.

To find out more about the Customer Credibility Index, click here.

And to get in touch with the team, email [email protected]

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