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L&D managers to discuss the key to engaging content marketing

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Panel of L&D managers to share current challenges and discuss how vendors can create marketing content that is useful and engaging.

Vendors and suppliers to the corporate learning market need to know what makes engaging content marketing.

The webinar ‘Signal vs noise: Marketing content L&D pros really want from vendors’ will tell them. The webinar will feature a panel of high performing L&D managers who will be talking about what information from vendors is useful and the best way to receive that information.

The panel includes Kim Edwards, senior talent and leadership development manager at Getty Images, Andrew Jacobs, L&D transformation lead at HMRC and Training Journal editor Jon Kennard.

Event organiser and director of content agency Itsdevelopmental Ltd, Martin Couzins, says the event has been designed specifically to help marketers understand the challenges facing their core audience so that they can develop useful content that L&D pros want and need.

“Take a look at the Twitter streams of the big learning conferences. Even the briefest look tells you the type and volume of marketing content that learning vendors use in their attempts to engage with their customers, learning professionals.

“Much of this content is about the vendor, not the customer. And this approach extends into other marketing activities focused on generating customer interest – promoting new products and services, for example,” Couzins says.

According to a survey of 1,000 marketers carried out by Clearvoice, producing quality content is the second biggest content marketing challenge.

When it comes to building credibility in the market, marketers say creating quality content is by far for the biggest challenge (51%), followed by engagement (23.6%) and relevancy (21.6%).      

And research by SEMRush shows that developing content that resonates with the target audience is the biggest challenge for content strategists.

So everyone is saying the same thing: good quality content is really important but is also a real challenge for a lot of people.

The webinar will be an opportunity for marketers to ask the panel about their challenges and the type of content that they find engaging. It will take place on 30 October at 12pm (GMT). More details are available here.